Album art

Los Tabaleros are an argentine folklore band. For their second concept album “TUY” they chose Hernan Corera to shoot the cover for the album. TUY means HOT in quechua, a native language of the region. That’s why the seven Tabaleros are featured as an old gangster band from Buenos Aires, posing like in a classic folklore album cover from the 50s with their beards set on fire.


I created the lettering for the cover, searching for a vintage typographic look. For the interior sheet I continued the 50s concept inspired in a standard old vinyl back cover to develop a sheet that contained 7 pictures of the members of the band with my own personal touch (the year they were born and the year they joined the band mimicking their deaths). This sheet also included the lyrics, an interview to Guy Williams (“El Zorro” from the Disney TV show) widow and a comic strip done by one of the members of the band.